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XPath From the Command Line Using Ruby

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There are other ways of doing this, but I thought it would be fun to write a command-line xpath script in ruby using rexml. (full working example here)

Parsing the Command Line Arguments

The first step is to set up the command line options. I want to have two arguments:

  1. a file argument for specifying the XML file
  2. an xpath argument for specifying the xpath expression
require 'optparse'
require 'ostruct'
options =
opts = do |opts|
    opts.banner = "Usage: xpath.irb -x [-f]"
    opts.on("-f", "--file FILENAME",
        "Optionally specify xml file (defaults to STDIN)") do |file|
            options.xml_file = file
    opts.on("-x", "--xpath PATH",
        "Sepcify xpath expression") do |xpath|
            options.xpath = xpath
rescue OptionParser::ParseError => err
    puts err.message
    puts opts
if(options.xpath == nil)
    puts "Must specify an xpath expression."
    puts opts

Applying the XPath Expression

Now I just need to get the XML document and apply the XPath expression to it:

require 'rexml/document'
require 'rexml/xpath'
doc =nil
if(options.xml_file != nil)
    puts options.xml_file
    doc =
    doc =
puts "<result>"
REXML::XPath.each(doc, options.xpath){ |element| puts element }
puts "</result>"


Ruby seems to do pretty well on the usability level here (similar Java examples replace the two lines of XML-specific code with about a page), but the speed is just terrible. I’m clocking half a second on a tiny document with a simple query.

To be fair, I did the same thing using xalan by modifying this example and it was also ridiculously slow. Xalan does a lot better if you have a precompiled XPath expression or XSLT script, but I usually find myself generating these things on the fly which means xalan doesn’t help much.

Anyway for now if you are looking to get performance I’d suggest libxml (example here).

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